Sunday, May 23, 2010

I will sacrifice...if...

Let me lay it on the line...
I am a veteran teacher of thirty four years, and a union sister for thirty four years. I was a student for 18 years of my life in urban, suburban private, public and prestigious ivy league universities. I have fifty two years of experience in education, collectively as an educator and student. ( We are all experts on education to some degree) I write a blog about my experiences and host Sunday salons called Salon_Ed where we gather to have a public discourse on education. My peer group and play group are educators. Education is my purpose, passion and bliss.
As I listen to the resounding debate on charters, unions, The Race To the Top I get agitated. I believe a key question is being neglected. When will funding for our future our students become equitable?
I would give up my union, my tenure if and when ALL students receive the same amount of federal and local aid. I would willingly have my salary adjusted when teachers from suburban and urban areas where remunerated for their work equally. In my county, Wayne County, Michigan (home to Detroit) there is a 30.000, 00 dollar differential between suburban and urban pay.
Maybe we teachers are part of the problem in education. I am willing to be part of the solution when the tougher questions get asked. Is it fair that some students are allotted more money than others?

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