Tuesday, March 30, 2010

an observers view...re: the times

"Good teachers are loosing their goodness."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Regular School Day

On the school wall
cinder blocks gloss
He wrote his name in blood .
He is not illiterate!
But we cannot read.
Lower case letters
smeared an RIP
to the spirit of …
Oh patron
of lost causes,
find the secret.
hurt of this boy.
Cleanse his sooted heart.
Smudge clean his soul.

Once regaling us ,
telling of his lead
in the church pageant
he spoke to us how
“Jesus was born in a Major”
Choirs of angels
“Oh Little Town
above the deep....
Silent stars cast dark shadow.
His signature...
laboriously blotted with blood
taken from the cavern
of the just lost baby tooth.
writing on the wall...
He will see the psychiatrist,
get a med eval ,
given a new nom de plume
from the DSM.

(And his name shall be called...)
“The everlasting prince...”
blind to this child.
This boy the alters lamb,
slaughtered and slayed
by trauma and tragedy.

He is the Precious.
Oh angels keep us from despair.
Give wings to dreams.
and to you who washes away
all sin …
sinners repent.
Go forth and sin no more.
Wash the lambs blood.