Monday, April 20, 2009

the next salon\ed is delayed.

Due to a number of people's scheduling conficts, the next salon is moved from the previously posted date to May 24th.

There will be more blog posts before then, and be sure to keep the conversation going here.

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  1. Hi Collette. This blog is such a wonderful idea. I saw something not to be missed on today. It's a video about a mother who uses hiphop to reach her special needs child. ( I tried to past the link here but can seem to do it?). This is something I know you and my sister have done for years with children.
    Something missed in the video, which I think is a factor just as important, is the fact that the mother started to sing, in part,to make herself feel better with the child's screaming. Recently working with plants, I am reminded that all forms of life and especially children, respond to how we are feeling in each moment. At times when I was having a bad day, while working with children, I found that they would be especially challanging--knowing just how to push my buttons. I would find, like you believe Collete, that finding my center and even my sense of humor was what was needed. I believe children do best when in the presence of an adult who is balanced emotionally and they do even better when with adults who make their own happiness (in the moment) the highest priority. When I think back to who my favorite teachers were, they were the ones that seemed to be pretty happy most of the time and balanced. I also know that I was inspired to work hard in their class and more excited to learn. Feeling emotionally safe has always been what I find to be the first necessary ingredient to be able to learn and flurish creatively.
    So maybe if I had had a few more of those teachers I would be a better speller, lol.