Sunday, March 1, 2009

Incrementally Towards The Vision

Ultimately this blog will be a forum for the discourse and reseeding of learning/education but for now I shall just archive the evolution of this process.
This past week:
1. Contacted Michigan 826 (Ann Arbors version of Dave Eggers drop in writing program to solicit their input I of the possibility of starting a Rouge 826)
2. Developed promotional plan with coworker to promote Salon-Ed. at the Michigan Reading associations’ state convention.
3. Planned possible informational/promotional event with Jarred as the official kick off to Salon-Ed.
4. Made connection to the leadership of Wayne Counties director of the Michigan Film Initiative.
5. Had retreat weekend with teacher friends. (the YA Ya’s) When we spoke of our students and reminisced about our beginnings, we were animated. When we spoke of systems we immediately began to fanaticize about retirement

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